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IDL Systems Product Focus is on:

  • Financial Accounting.

  • Stock Control / Management.

  • Sales & Purchase Order Processing

  • Manufacturing.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

IDL Systems Services:

  • Business Analysis.

  • System Design & Implementation.

  • Training.

  • Consulting.

  • Ongoing Support.


Sage 300 ERP: (Formally known as Accpac) - Know your Product Better:

We have found over the years that the bulk of the Companies & Users that use Sage 300 only use a fraction of its potential.

This is mainly due to the fact that they have not been instructed in the various functions.

Over the next few months I will start to put these onto our web for you to see what else you can do with the product.

  •  Extract Data to Excel that you can work with.




For your Sage Support, we have the following Certified and Accredited Consultants:

  • Sage 200 Consultants

  • Sage 300 Consultants

  • Sage CRM Consultants

  Do you have multiple systems that do not integrate with each other ?
  Are you still using old "Legacy" systems that do not meet your current requirements ?
  Do you have a problem in obtaining timely and accurate Accounting and Management Reports ?
  Are you a fast growing Company that needs a system to grow with you ?
  Do you have International requirements that are not met properly ?
  Are you still using manual processes, such as spreadsheets to run your Company books ?

Are most of your Answers

It is time to upgrade to Sage 200 or Sage 300, with the help of one of our consultants.



Request a Free Online Presentation of the Sage 200 or 300 Products:

  • Book a Demo of the product that you are evaluating.

  • A Demo can be broken into several sessions to focus on specific processes with the appropriate users.

  • We can have as many presentations as you require to ensure you obtain a full understanding of the product.

  • These Online sessions are more productive and cost effective & can be set up quickly.



Grow with Confidence:

Most organizations want to grow, but aren't certain how to go about growing. Whether it's something that seems simple, like increasing productivity, or something that seems complex, like expanding into new geographies, adding new product lines, or acquiring a company, Sage 200 and 300 ERP solutions can be a significant driver of growth, alongside our UK based consultants.


Make better Decisions:

You probably have a lot of data, but are you able to use it effectively? Data in multiple systems that don't communicate require a significant amount of time to consolidate into something useful. Plus, by the time you have useable data, it's already dated. Whether you need inventory forecasting or business intelligence, let us help you use big data to succeed. Our Sage 200 and Sage 300 consultants can help you make better decisions and therefore improve your business.


Work more Efficiently:

Productivity can be the difference between profits and losses. If your business grew but your systems couldn't expand, you may have resorted to hiring more and more people to manually fill the gaps in your solution. If this is the case you are increasing costs when there is no need, with Sage 200 and Sage 300, you are investing in a powerful global business solution and with our dedicated consultants, you can ensure that you are working more efficiently and increasing profits.


Or, you may have products that don't communicate and instead use resources to manually transfer data. Sage 200 and 300 ERP solutions can help improve the efficiency for what you are currently doing plus provide efficiency in areas you didn't know existed.


Serve Customers Better:

ERP solutions don't just help the back office. Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP solutions, for example, integrate with CRM, as well as mobile access and service solutions to improve customer service across the organisation.

Plus we have a number of other products that help you provide better customer service throughout your organization in ways you may not have considered. Speak to one of our UK based Sage 200 and Sage 300 consultants today to discuss the endless opportunities available.










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