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CRM Together "Accelerator" for Sage CRM:



What is one of the main reasons for having a CRM System ???

"To Share Information with other Members of Staff in the Company."

  • The bulk of the correspondence today is normally carried out by emails using the Outlook filing system.

  • These emails are stored on the individuals outlook and can not be seen by anybody else.

  • To make these important emails visible to other members of staff, they should be filed in the CRM system in the appropriate locations.

  • What you need is a system that in intuitive enough to know how to file these emails in the correct place.

  • And not only do this, but carry out a lot of other labour saving tasks.




Overview of the Updated Accelerator 4.4 Release 2016.mp4

Accelerator Integration with MS Outlook for Office 2013 and 2016.mp4

Overview of Accelerator 2015.mp4







Outlook Email not logged in Sage CRM:


When you receive an email in your outlook box and there is no associated record in Sage CRM, then you can do the following from within Outlook in seconds:

  • Create the New Company record.

  • Create the new Person record.

  • Create a new Lead, Case or Sales Opportunity if required.

  • Tag this email so when replying and receiving emails back from source, then Accelerator will know exactly where to file these emails.

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Outlook Email Options Sage CRM:


The following options can be applied against the email that you are working on.

  • Save Attachments

  • allows you to save the email as a document against the current record. This button will only display when there are attachments.

  • A Sticky is an option to allow you freeze (stick) the context changing when you view other email addresses.
    This is ideal when you for example create an opportunity and wish to file several emails against this that may have come in say over the weekend.

  • To view the phone information click on the "Phone" button.

  • If your system is configured double clicking on the phone number will call this number.

  • To record a communication click on either the "Phone In" or "Phone Out" buttons and fill in the details of the call.

  • Tagging emails allows us to associate emails with something other than the person, company or lead.

  • Reply & Tag is the same as above, but will create a new email to send at the same time.













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