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Sage 200 Financials:



The Financials module is the core financial management and accounting module that comes as standard with Sage 200.


It allows you to see the financial position of your company at any point in time and runs four key ledgers: sales, purchasing, nominal and cashbook.

■  Web enabled, interactive dashboards and detailed reports for sales, purchases and financial summary, helping you plan and forecast
■  Open and closed period accounting thatís flexible for your needs
■  Flexible nominal code structure for in depth analysis and reporting
■  Batch data upload; place transactions on hold for authorisation before committing them to the Nominal Ledger
■  Choose VAT inclusive or exclusive prices
■  Save time with automated statements, standing orders and direct debits. Save time by reconciling bank statements with your banking software
■  Advanced multi-currency options, including exchange rate changes
■  Understand the impact to your cash flow as your business changes
■  Store unlimited customer and supplier contact details
■  Integrates with Sage 50 Payroll to give you one view of all your outgoing costs


  • Straightforward to implement and easy to learn

  • The ideal 'out of the box' software to many companies with complex business processes

  • An ideal upgrade paths for many Sage 50 users who are experiencing rapid growth

  • Utilises a SQL relational database for scalability (typically up to 50 users), robustness and ease of integration with other applications

  • Powerful tools to enable third party developers to customise and integrate with your software


Sage 200 Financials: Features

Speed batch entry
Giving you the ability to enter large volumes of transactions and choose when to commit them to the ledgers.

Additionally, colour-coded alerts let you know if thereís a potential problem without stopping your workflow.

Foreign currency capability
You can trade with customers and suppliers outside of the UK and in any mixture of currencies. For example, you can produce foreign currency invoices, statements, receipts and payments and you can maintain currency-specific product pricing and discounts.

You can specify spot and/or period rates of exchange for each currency and all changes are recorded along with who made them.

All transactions are recorded in base currency with the exchange rate used, so you can closely track the effects of currency fluctuations over time.

Nominal cost centre and departmental analysis
You can attribute costs, analyse budgets and produce management reports, e.g. Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss, by department and cost centre.

You can also attribute individual transactions by your own analysis codes, for example, to track projects across departments and cost centres.

Group budgets
Making it easy for you to manage your subsidiary companies. Sage 200 Financials includes multi-company consolidated financial reporting and group budgeting capabilities.

Open or Closed Period Accounting
You can open, close and re-open periods as required, ledger by ledger; up to 20 periods can be set for each financial year. Access is tightly controlled by individual user permissions and there's a full history of who changed what and when.

Trading Periods
These can be set up to match the accounting periods if required, or have their own date range structure.

These date ranges can be set to suit your business, for example, you could measure sales performance on a weekly basis at busy times of the year and monthly at other times.

Comprehensive customer records
Store all the details on your customers for easy retrieval, with instant links to their sales orders.

Credit Management
A range of credit tools are supplied including debtors' letters, statement production, provisions for doubtful and bad debts and the ability to place customer accounts on hold.

Detailed credit information can be held against each customer/supplier record.

Automated payments
Sage 200 will suggest which payments to make to your suppliers in order to benefit from early settlement discounts




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