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Sage 200 Financials and Commercials - Features and Benefits



Connect your data

Combining sales, service and financials software to give you a single view of your business, Sage 200 increases your ability to retain your competitive edge.

  • Make faster and better informed decisions: Get the right data to the right people and give your managers an instant and accurate view of what's going on.

  • Save time: Using Sage 200 to produce their reports saves a specialist holiday company 1 hour per day.

  • Improve efficiency: Quickly spot trends or data anomalies and identify opportunities for growth.

  • Save time and simplify regular tasks: Eliminate the need to rekey information and reduce the chance of errors by creating processes that flow across your entire company.

  • Manage multiple sites: One solution can do this and even manage multiple companies.

  • Get up and running quickly: Out-of-the-box reports and templates available.

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Get your teams working together

Give your people the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently, enabling them to be highly productive. The Sage 200 Suite makes your whole business run more smoothly.

  • Reduce complexity and improve time management: Bring everything you need together in one, easy to use, intuitive workspace.

  • Resolve issues quickly and easily: Allow people to locate and drill down to the details of any type of transaction.

  • Be more responsive: Enable everyone to make smarter, more informed business decisions.

  • Access to data on the move: Keep in touch with the office when you're out and about.



Customise your solution

Sage 200 offers a range of options to ensure the software meets your business needs.

  • Better analysis: Interrogate your data in any way you wish with a highly configurable report designer.
  • Simple to use: Configure Sage 200 to the needs of your business, reflecting terminology and structures familiar to you.
  • Flexible to meet your needs: Get a suite of software for financials, data analysis and customer and supplier management, then choose the additional elements you want.
  • Highly configurable: Sage 200 can easily be adapted to the needs of your business, reflecting terminology and structures familiar to you.
  • Speedy return on investment: Keep the total cost of ownership low with a solution that can be up and running within a matter of days with minimum disruption to your day-to-day business.
  • A range of add-ons: Our network of 900 developers offer a range of add-ons or can develop something especially for you.


Link your systems

Sage 200 can help different departments in your business share information and work together.

  • Use one system for your business: Many companies end up with different software in different areas of their business, all designed to meet a specific need. With Sage 200, we've designed one system that covers all those needs.
  • Connect your business: The Sage 200 platform allows you to plug in other third party systems or applications.
  • Share information and work together: Whether your focus is on customer service, sales or productivity, Sage 200 links all your business information systems together.



Stay connected wherever you are

Whether you have sales staff who travel or your management team needs to access data when they are out of the office, Sage 200 allows your people to stay connected.

  • See the data the way you want: Use our pre-defined views or personalise the settings to match your needs.
  • Keep in touch while away from the office: Give people access to data on the move.
  • Works on a range of mobiles and browsers: View and search business information via iPhone and Blackberry. Enter timesheets and expenses via a browser so you can update project costs when you're out on the road.
  • Keep up to speed with orders, outstanding queries and credit balance: Check bank, customer or supplier details before going into meetings.
  • Keep tabs on your sales or project profitability: a few clicks and you're up to speed.




    Sage 200 Financials Features & Benefits

    Sage 200 Commercials Features & Benefits

    Sage 200 Business Intelligence Features & Benefits

    Sage 200 CRM Features & Benefits





Product benefits:


Effective process management end-to-end:

The Sage 200 suite includes the applications needed to manage information and processes in every part of your business. For example, it supports you in managing the whole process of customer acquisition – from the initial marketing campaign and lead generation, through the quotation process to successfully winning the order – through to order fulfilment and flowing on to providing outstanding customer service in the future.


Sharing data for a unified view of the customer:

The Sage 200 suite helps your people access a more concise, accurate and complete view of your customers and their every interaction with your organisation, for example, sales and marketing, order dispatch, project management or credit control. By integrating your business processes, Sage 200 allows staff to view the same data. Time previously spent re-entering data is saved and accuracy is improved, while customer requirements can be identified and fulfilled quickly and profitably.


Fast return on investment with rapid, easy deployment and customisation:

All Sage 200 suite applications can be quickly deployed and mapped to specific business requirements, ensuring that you are up and running quickly with software that’s right for your business. As well as having options to configure applications, in many cases the software can be customised fully by a Sage Business Partner to suit particular business processes.


Flexibility and choice to match your business:

We understand that every business has its own requirements in terms of the functionality and level of integration they need. The Sage 200 suite provides your business with a solid and dependable software platform. All components of the Sage 200 suite are designed to work together, minimising interoperability issues. In addition, your business benefits from simplified ownership and a single point of contact and accountability.


Supporting industry specific operations:

Sage 200 supports operations specific to particular industries, notably Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale and Distribution. Beyond that, our alliances with over 900 third-party software developers give you access to an exceptionally wide range of software and hardware options that can be integrated with your Sage software.


Information Management:

Information Management is all about making information within the Suite more available to users in their day to day roles - Sage 200 embraces this is a number of ways, including workspaces and reporting. The Sage 200 Suite provides users with market leading reporting capabilities; ranging from an easy to use interface and an extensive range of inbuilt reports, through to the Sage 200 Business Intelligence module. Users can easily create additional reports to meet specific requirements. Complimenting this, the Suite includes workspaces which have been designed to give you business critical information ‘at a glance’ on your desktop. Their design makes it quicker and easier to access related information. The designer tool provided enables users to configure user defined workspaces to meet individual requirements. Workspaces can pull together information across the entire Suite and as well as providing designers with the capability to report on data from external data sources via the Sage 200 desktop.


General Information:

  • Flexibility. Sage 200 is flexible throughout. From the main screen of the product - which be configured to show the information most pertinent to each user to the many configuration options available within each area of the system, Sage 200 is designed to work the way you do.

  • Speed Batch entry facilities in Sage 200 give you the ability to enter large volumes of transactions and choose when to commit them to the ledgers. Additionally, colour-coded alerts let you know if there’s a potential problem without stopping your workflow.

  • Multi-user capability. Sage 200 is extremely scalable thanks to its SQL relational database and able to support many concurrent users, typically up to 50. 

  • Foreign currency capability. You can trade with customers and suppliers outside of the UK and in any mixture of currencies. For example, you can produce foreign currency invoices, statements, receipts and payments and you can maintain currency-specific product pricing and discounts. You can specify spot and/or period rates of exchange for each currency and all changes are recorded along with who made them. All transactions are recorded in base currency with the exchange rate used, so you can closely track the effects of currency fluctuations over time.

  • Management Information. Information is presented graphically throughout the system, to give you quick answers to your questions. A wide range of management reports is available and the report designer (with which Sage 50 customers will already be familiar) allows you to tailor these reports, or create your own. You can also 'pull' information from Sage 200 directly into Microsoft Excel for instant analysis.

  • New Project Accounting. The Sage 200 Project Accounting module is a highly configurable and flexible costing application. It is ideally suited to businesses that run projects or services and can be adjusted to suit the needs of each industry type, whether that be companies requiring a simple or detailed costing and analysis structures. It will provide you with in-depth analysis and reporting features, ensuring that projects remain on track and profit levels are maintained.




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