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Sage 200 manages the entire Purchase Order Processing procedure, from creating a purchase order to checking goods received against purchase order and supplier invoice. Automated processes help you to manage your supply chain with confidence and efficiency - ensuring that the correct goods are always received and paid for.

Key Features and Benefits

Straightforward supply chain management - Sage 200 allows you to easily manage all your Purchase Orders, quickly finding individual orders and drilling down to view the details.

Integrates fully with other Sage 200 modules - By working with the Stock Module, Purchase Ledger and Sales Order Processing, the Purchase Order Processing module ensures that once goods are received they are available to your customers. As soon as the invoice is matched with goods received, all relevant information is updated automatically throughout the system, including stock pricing, supplier balances, and VAT return and management reports. Full links to the Sales Order Processing module allow you to see which customer orders are linked to a particular purchase order.

Manual or semi-automatic Purchase Order Processing - You can create Purchase Orders manually if you wish; alternatively, the system can compile lists of what you should order based on shortfall (by warehouse, if necessary) and whatís required for back-to-back orders. You can then choose who to buy from and what to pay.

At the point of booking stock in, you will be notified of outstanding sales orders waiting for those items and allow allocation if required.

Full matching of POs to invoices and deliveries - 2-way or 3-way GRN matching is supported, and Sage 200 calculates a running total when matching invoice line items to orders - making it easier to spot errors as you go.

Disputed invoices - Sage 200 allows you to record invoices and flag them up as under dispute. Therefore, no invoice will go through to the Purchase Ledger until the dispute has been resolved - either by accepting it Ďas isí or matching it to further deliveries or a credit note. Disputed item reports can also be generated.

Full Back to Back ordering - When you enter a sales order for an item not normally carried in stock, a purchase order can be automatically raised to the itemís supplier. However, you have the flexibility to choose whether to use on-hand stock first - ensuring stock that is managed and controlled efficiently.

Direct Delivery - Purchase Order items can be delivered to a number of delivery addresses including your premises, customers, suppliers and ad hoc addresses.

Process foreign currency orders - Sage 200 enables you to source goods worldwide, purchasing in up to 100 currencies.

Purchasing control - Sage 200 controls the purchasing process every step of the way. Ensuring that only authorised personnel place orders, to rejecting unexpected or incorrect deliveries, highlighting any invoice discrepancies and allowing for committed costs.

Landed Costs - Sage 200 supports landed costs and will display the individual costs and overall order cost associated with importing goods on a purchase order.


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