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Sage 200 offers total control for managing your customers and suppliers, no matter what currency they trade in. These ledgers are designed to allow you to enter data quickly, by specifying defaults that suit your processes. You can attach all relevant documents to a customer or supplier records, as well as details of individual trading terms. And if you have large volumes of transactions, invoice processing can be batch controlled.

• Quickly locate and interrogate transaction data - All details are within easy reach whether they are related to the financial or commercial ledgers. For example drill down to view the details of an invoice, order or to analyse a transaction under query as well as any transactional notes that may have been recorded.

• Designed for rapid data entry - Both ledgers can be configured with numerous defaults to speed up the data entry process and ensure compliance with agreed terms of business. For example, VAT can be applied automatically at the standard rate but can be changed; and in the Purchase Ledger a ‘For Authorisation’ flag can be set automatically on invoice transactions over a certain value. When entering transactions such as invoices,
colour-coded warnings assist in preventing errors while not interrupting your workflow. In addition transactions
can be batched up and applied to the ledgers at ‘off-peak’ times to optimise system speed.

• Process Foreign Currency transactions - You can trade in up to 100 foreign currencies, setting up each supplier or customer account with an operating currency. Balance and turnover will be maintained in base and foreign currency within the ledgers. Payments and Receipts can be made though the Cash Book or Sales/Purchase Ledgers and exchange rate fluctuations are dealt with by calculating ‘gains’ and ‘losses’ and posting them to specific nominal accounts.

• Credit Control - The Sales Ledger provides the best tools to manage your debtors, including retrospective aged debtor reports, customer statements and customisable debt chasing letters - with the flexibility to analyse absolute or overdue debt against customisable ageing periods. Furthermore the credit control options stored against a customer record can automatically calculate average time to pay, key credit control dates and has the ability to
on-line credit check.

• Automatic error correction - Should you post a transaction incorrectly; Sage 200 can automate the necessary accounting processes to reverse it, updating the audit trail in the process.

• Customer analysis - Customers can be segmented (prospect, trade customers etc.) so that sales information and buying trends can be easily viewed and analysed. In addition you can analysis sales figures by specific trading
periods, for example daily and weekly.


  • Comprehensive customer records store all the details on your customers for easy retrieval, with instant links to their sales orders.

  • Sage 200 Price Book allows you to trade with your customers in a fully flexible way. Unlimited and currency aware price bands for each product can be used along with unlimited discount schemes; pricing ‘communities’ can then be created to link in to them.

  • Credit Management - a range of credit tools are supplied including debtors' letters, statement production, provisions for doubtful and bad debts and the ability to place customer accounts on hold. Detailed credit information can be held against each customer/supplier record.

  • Prioritisation of orders - you can decide which orders are to be fulfilled first, either manually, on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, by prioritising your customers, or by scheduling against deliveries.

  • Repeat and duplicate orders - cut down on processing time by raising quotations and pro formas and converting them to orders or invoices.

  • Multiple delivery addresses can be quickly chosen, allowing you to meet your customers’ needs.

  • Rapid sales order entry - simply choose a customer, choose a product, enter a quantity and hit ‘Save’. For simple or batch order entry you will soon appreciate the speed and efficiency that Sage 200 gives you.

  • Full sales order entry option - switch to full order entry for complete flexibility over each sales order – change delivery address, discounts, record cash with order. Add further stock items, non-stock items, additional charges, and comments to the order. You can modify any attribute of an existing line item such as the quantity, price, delivery date, and allocation.

  • Trade Counter sales order entry completes the sales order cycle in one swift routine, allowing you to offer a quick service to your customers.

  • Mix order entry types within your business to suit your needs.

  • Profit Analysis - you can authorise individuals to view the margin of a sales order line – assisting in price negotiation.

  • Discount Analysis - instantly see how a price has been calculated, even if your business has a complex pricing and discount model.

  • Better customer service - Sage 200 is packed with many more features to help you offer the best service to your customers and therefore keep your competitive edge. For example, custom search categories allow you to quickly locate products to meet your customers’ requirements. You can quickly locate and call up any sales order, drilling down to see the exact status in terms of invoices, allocations and dispatches made. Unlimited alternative stock items allow you to suggest alternatives if the chosen item is out of stock.



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