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  • Multi-location stock makes it easy to work with stock held in different locations. You can run each location independently in terms of stock levels, purchases and reporting.

  • Serial numbered items - you can control high value items, or other items that require a unique ID.

  • Batch numbered items - you can track items that need to be purchased, stored and sold in batches.

  • Units of measure - you can buy stock in bulk and sell in smaller quantities, maximising your purchasing power.

  • Organise your stock - you can organise your products into Groups for reporting purposes and create custom search categories to help you quickly locate items during order entry.

  • Default fulfilment methods - customer orders for a particular stock item can by default be fulfilled from your own stock, from a supplier via your stock and from a supplier direct to your customer. These defaults can be over-ruled at the point of sale order entry to allow you full flexibility and to manage exceptions.

  • Default comment lines can be entered against a stock item to appear on picking lists and despatch notes, for example to convey special handling instructions to warehouse and delivery staff. These comments can be amended or over-written at sales order entry if required, for example to add customer-specific delivery comments.

  • Alternative stock items - you can specify unlimited alternatives to each item to ensure that your customers are never disappointed.

  • Stock takes - you are able to run cyclical stock-takes and only on items meeting your chosen criteria, therefore saving you time. Negative items can be recorded, to reflect 'real world' operation.

  • Unlimited suppliers - you can manage multiple suppliers for full flexibility, while recording a default supplier and cost for each stock item to speed up your purchasing process.


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