Sage 300: Accounting & Stock Control

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       General Ledger

       Accounts Receivable

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       Inventory Control.

       Serial Tracking .

       Lot/Batch Tracking.

       Order Entry.

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Automated Process Workflow
With Sage CRM, included as part of the Sage 300 Extended Enterprise Suite, businesses that utilise automated process workflow can automate pre-determined business rules across all channels, departments and employees. To help assess and design automated process workflow Sage CRM provides graphical views of the process and its development patterns. In combination with e-mail integration, automated process workflow ensures that actions requiring attention or escalation are automatically being routed to the correct employees or partners. Sage CRM creates a confidence among employees that issues are not going to fall through the cracks and frees their time to perform more important tasks.

Computer Telephony Integration
In addition to automated process workflow, Sage CRM combines a fully integrated CRM solution with interactive inbound and outbound telephony automation. Contact centres are provided access to the same single point of communication the rest of the enterprise shares. A customer's complete CRM history including, fax, personal visits, phone and email is viewed through automated screen "pop-up" functionality and gives the support employees an enterprise view of the customer experience. Full on-screen auto-dial and phone functionality allows your support staff to perform necessary tasks through the system interface rather than the phone system. Sage CRM provides full integration to all standard third party telephony software leveraging existing automation such as call escalation, routing, call queuing and reporting functionality. A central repository for all customer data Sage CRM provides easy-to-use, real-time access to information your support staff needs to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, reducing call times and increasing the efficiency of your call centre.

Sage CRM for Sage 300 provides customization tools that allow businesses to rapidly modify all aspects of the system. Sage CRM for Sage 300 open architecture greatly reduces development and maintenance costs and allows seamless integration with other mission-critical applications across your enterprise. With easy-to-use, onscreen tools, managers and administrators can create and modify fields, screens, tabs, tables, views, scripts, and security settings on the fly. Sage CRM's customization functionality allows quick-and-easy user-specific modifications to interfaces and data and ensures Sage CRM can be easily adapted to your business requirements.

Global Deployment
Sage CRM, included as part of the Sage 300 Extended Enterprise Suite, provides multicurrency, multi-lingual support from a single code baseŚEnglish, U.K. English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and JapaneseŚmaking this solution the logical choice for businesses around the world. Sage CRM's single server installation and web browser access, allow employees, partners and customers alike to view the information they need to get the job done, anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Web Self Service
Sage CRM's Web Self Service allows customers to access or request services and support over the web. Customers can receive information based on their preferences, requests and histories, providing them a single point of contact for information about your products and company through designed customer and partner portals. Allow your channel partners access to shared workflow, lead-tracking, inquiries, invoicing and customer information. Sage CRM allows your customers 24/7 access to information they want.


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