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Why Choose Acumatica Cloud Accounting Systems




Having the right inventory is key - track and manage this critical business asset.

In many companies, inventory is a huge investment of time and cost. Tracking it is critical to keeping costs down while making sure there is enough inventory to satisfy customer demand. Inventory is not only finished goods, it is also materials and repair parts, and the tracking of it extends to what has been committed and what is on order. By using effective inventory management methods and proper purchasing processes, a company can avoid inventory shortages and inventory overstock.

Managing inventory
The accuracy of inventory is improved by automating the purchasing, receiving, issuing and in some cases, the return of all inventory items. With Acumatica Cloud ERP, the entire process can be tailored through the built-in workflow to even include workflow approvals for requisitions.

Cost of inventory
Knowing the quantity of inventory is important, but to get a true handle on your profit, the actual cost of inventory must be carefully maintained over time. With Acumatica, you can employ several different methods, including LIFO, FIFO and average costing, to value your inventory for your financial statement.


Work more efficiently modern tools and insightful information lead to better results.

To remain competitive in this competitive environment, you must have up-to-date tools. Replacing outdated systems and manual processes with modern systems streamlines operations by providing system-wide integration that performs daily operations faster and provides greater insight into what is actually happening across your company.

Modern systems
Advanced Cloud ERP solutions like Acumatica deliver full-function, flexible, fully-integrated enterprise-class order processing, CRM, operations management, and accounting all tailored to the needs of growing small and mid-size businesses.

Insight into your business
Self-service business intelligence (BI) tools and dashboards boost productivity by enabling users to uncover insights lost in the data. Plus, with workflow included, even a simple approvals workflow will increase productivity by automatically routing documents and tracking activities

Access your business information from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Mobile devices are convenient, productive and here to stay. Customers, partners and employees use them to communicate (email, text, calls, provide answers to questions (search, order status) and buy items (eCommerce website, marketplaces).

Mobile access is an absolute requirement
With Acumatica, the ERP solution delivered is unlike most other ERP offerings. Acumatica is one set of code, with one look-and-feel, that will run on any device with a browser, anywhere, anytime. Obviously, this translates into improved freedom where people can choose where they work and on what device. More importantly, the mobile interface and workflow is consistent, which improves productivity.

Help for the road warriors
For simple, but frequently used tasks that field staff need, such as time or expense reporting, the app for iOS and Android is available at no charge.

The advantages of a system designed for the cloud
Acumatica supplies the mobile use of flexible business applications with reliable, secure, 24-hour access that only a cloud-based solution can deliver. Company staff or business partners can be productive remotely and customers can choose when and how they want to connect.


Conquer complexity and deliver on promises to your customers.

Today's customers want faster and better service. They demand products with the features they want, answers to questions immediately and access to you anytime via the web or phone. Systems older than seven years do not have those capabilities designed into their product. Few of them support true cloud computing, e-commerce websites and mobile applications. The sad reality is that these old systems are expensive to maintain and end up handicapping companies from staying competitive.

Modern systems are the answer
Acumatica is truly a modern ERP solution that integrates all these technologies with the front office and back office to automate your processes, assist you in planning for the future and provide real-time dashboards so you can visualize the current results anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

A solution for the SMB's
For the small and mid-size businesses that Acumatica serves, the ability to adapt and grow with change was designed into the product from its inception. Companies often find that everything they need is included in one integrated and highly tailorable package that meets today's requirements while still being prepared for the future changes.

Be responsive to customers while managing fulfilment and cash flow.

The only way to improve cash flow, while maintaining a high level of service, is to take orders accurately, ship quickly using customer preference, avoid mistakes in billing, and have reporting to signal slow payers. This all sounds simple, but without modern automated systems, these tasks are time-consuming and prone to errors.

Modern ERP systems reduce errors and the time it takes to receive your cash from a sale
Customer orders can be automated in many ways including websites, phone orders and even point-of-sale devices. Once the order is in the system, accurate availability to ship and specific discounted item price can be provided. Orders are immediately sent to shipping and then onto invoicing with none of the initial information needing to be rekeyed by a human.

Speed payment by invoicing properly
Acumatica provides flexibility and accuracy with invoicing by offering flexible terms and conditions, contracts, deferred billing, and recurring billing to meet your customer's needs. In the case where everything was done right by a company, but the customer is still slow to pay, visual dashboards can alert the customer service team to inquire about the issue before it becomes a significant problem.

Position your company for growth with excellent customer service
Excellent service depends on every company employee providing excellent customer service; but in reality, many small and medium-size businesses do not have the systems to allow their staff to see all customer activities across all the company operations. This forces those in customer service to operate with limited or outdated information.

Improve the management of customer relationships
Modern ERP systems have customer relationship management (CRM) integrated into their foundation. All information from quotes, orders, shipments, invoices, payments, and service calls is retained and available to all of the companys staff.

360-degree view of all customer activities
The ability to see a customers interaction in the buying and supporting of your product is tremendously valuable. It improves response time, customer satisfaction and accurate billing and also reduces support costs.

Portals available 24/7
Another benefit to Acumatica is the improved customer communications when utilizing the Acumatica Customer Portal. The portal allows customers and partners to access their orders and shipments and place orders. In addition, if they have a problem they can submit support casesť. All this can be done 24/7.






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