Acumatica Project Accounting Software

Acumatica’s market-leading project accounting solution comes with a powerful financial toolkit for project-based and service businesses. The platform lets you manage your budget, inventory, timesheets, invoices, profit and loss, and change orders for individual projects, company departments and business initiatives.

The project accounting module integrates effortlessly with all other Acumatica ERP applications, including their inventory management, sales management, and general ledger functions. Using project accounting gives control over individual expenses and operational concerns associated with specific projects, and puts them in the context of your organisation-wide financial accounts.

Why purchase Acumatica project accounting?

  • Monitor project costs, including labour, sub-contracting, procurement, equipment hire, professional services etc.
  • Establish accurate billing rates for different work categories, individual employees, consultants, and customers.
  • Generate fast and accurate budget reports to keep your project on track. Use these to forecast demand and plan stock control.
  • Issue accurate project quotes to customers involving complex variables, and link them to your CRM.
  • Automatically adjust your projects to incorporate change orders, including internal factors and customer requests. Adjust budget, revenue projections, and completion schedules in real-time.

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