Sage 300 – Distribution

Distribution Modules

Distribution and supply businesses need to move quickly and operate on thin profit margins. From just-in-time inventory management to instant invoicing, the right technology can automate—and speed up—every area of your business.

That’s important because customer expectations are high and competition is fierce. Accurate, timely orders . . . a strong e-commerce presence . . . the right products in inventory . . . fast or free shipping options—your customers want it all and more—delivering is do or die for your business.

Don’t limit your company’s potential with rigid, expensive big business software or feature-lacking small business solutions. Get freedom of choice with Sage 300 ERP. Gain the upper hand on your competition with comprehensive supply chain, order fulfilment, and inventory management that is effective and efficient.

From one end of your business to the other, Sage 300 ERP automates key processes to help your business lower costs, reduce returns, and improve the customer loyalty