Benefits of Sage CRM to the Customer Support Manager

Name: Johan Kloenne

Title: Customer Support Manager

 Johan Kloenne has direct responsibility for managing the customer service and support team, resolution of customer queries and provision of feedback on customer needs. He is responsible for the delivery of world-class service to customers and needs a system that enables him to achieve this effectively.

Sage CRM provides customer service management with a powerful tool to monitor agents’ performance. With Sage CRM, Johan can assess quantitative metrics such as case volume and case resolution times, as well as qualitative metrics such as the prioritization of cases and overall customer satisfaction. Customer queries are monitored in real-time to ensure that SLAs are reached. Information is displayed on the Sage CRM interactive dashboard for Johan’s ease of reference.

Using Sage CRM’s customizable workflow, Johan has been able to define customer care processes and escalation points. If a customer service case or query remains unresolved for longer than the predefined time, the workflow process triggers an automatic escalation notification to him, thereby ensuring no customer issues ‘fall through the cracks’.

Providing quality customer care and maintaining satisfied customers is a challenge for every business, now more than ever – Sage CRM’s customer service capabilities enable Johan and his team to deliver an exceptional customer experience to his customers every time.

Benefits of Sage CRM to the Customer Support Manager:

  • Enables customer satisfaction measurement and benchmarking
  • Increases productivity of customer support representatives
  • Provides self service to customers around common issues
  • Ensures issues never ‘get lost between the cracks’
  • Monitors service performance against service level agreements
  • Enables customer issues to be tracked and responded to, regardless of who answers the phone or received the e-mail
  • Reduces customer support costs
  • Improves response times to customer service requests
  • Reduces hold times for customers requiring customer support
  • Reduces the average time to resolve an issue
  • Increases the number of queries resolved on first contact rate
  • Leads to decreased number of service escalations
  • Decreases the number of customer complaints received
  • Extends customer service through 24×7 self service options
  • Enables benchmarking/score carding of customer service operations on an on-going basis
  • Leads to increased customer retention
  • Leads to decreased cost of customer retention