Benefits of Sage CRM to the Marketing Manager

Name: Yvette Fournier

Title: Marketing Manager

 As Marketing Manager, Yvette Fournier is responsible for planning and executing effective marketing campaigns. With less budget at her disposal than in previous years, she needs to ensure that every campaign can be tracked and measured easily and effectively.

Gaining a deeper understanding of her customers and their buying behaviour is critical in today’s competitive marketplace and Sage CRM provides the tools that Yvette needs to plan, execute and audit highly targeted marketing campaigns. Sage CRM can track and manage marketing campaigns from lead to close of sale, enabling Yvette to effectively assess the efficiency of her campaigns.

 Benefits of Sage CRM to the Marketing Manager:

  • Enables marketing programs to be planned more efficiently and effectively.
  • Improves marketing campaign response rate.
  • Reduces marketing campaign lead times.
  • Produces highly targeted customer communications.
  • Enables fully integrated, multi-channel marketing initiatives.
  • Enables automated response tracking.
  • Leads to decreased cost per lead.
  • Leads to decreased cost per customer acquired.
  • Provides improved intelligence to marketing on lead generation activities.
  • Enables accurate measurement of marketing campaign ROI.
  • Ensures customers receive the right marketing message at the right time.
  • Delivers the ability to identify and provide customized products/services to different customer segments.
  • Delivers a single view of relevant and comprehensive marketing information on the interactive dashboard.