Benefits of Sage CRM to the Sales Executive

Name: Aaron James

Title: Sales Executive

Aaron James’ role as Sales Executive requires him to sell his organization’s product and hit sales targets every month. Sage CRM empowers him to do this from day one by giving him instant access to calendars, accounts, reports, pipelines, contacts and call lists.

All the information he needs to do his job effectively is available on the Sage CRM interactive dashboard for maximum productivity and ease-of-use. From here, Aaron can control and manage all his daily activities and tasks. Integration of Sage CRM with a leading Sage ERP system (Sage 300 ERP / Sage 200 Suite) gives Aaron access to both financial and non-financial customer data, giving him a 360 degree view of his customer. Having the most up-to-date and complete customer information at his fingertips means Aaron has a better view of his customers and prospects at all times.

With Sage CRM Sales Force Automation, real-time sales opportunity analysis is provided instantly. Sage CRM provides a snapshot of all opportunities within the sales pipeline, enabling Aaron to effectively analyze and manage deals at every stage.

Benefits of Sage CRM to the Sales Executive:

  • Increases visibility on customer interaction across departments and activities
  • Automates proposal and quotation processes
  • Eliminates manual/duplicated sales processes
  • Enables more effective collaboration with other sales executives and sales management
  • Optimizes focus on high-potential opportunities
  • Leverages financial information from the back-office system
  • Leverages market and competitive intelligence to improve win rates
  • Reduces time spent in the office (more time on sales calls) on sales administration
  • Enables data entry to be done once only
  • Reduces the amount of time spent forecasting
  • Assists to better organize and co-ordinate meetings and tasks
  • Ability to access and download customer information remotely or offline increasing sales effectiveness