Sage CRM

Sage CRM is a cost-effective, intuitive customer management solution that lets you log and evaluate your communications with customers and prospects. As part of the Sage franchise, Sage CRM comes with superb manufacturer support, regular updates, and integration with other third-party apps.

At IDL Systems, we offer our customers Sage CRM as part of our managed business software service. We can help you use the platform to increase sales, streamline your marketing strategy, provide great customer service and communicate effectively with your team.

Sage CRM can be either run as a stand alone system, or it can be integrated with the Sage 300 ERP system.

Features & benefits

Sage CRM is a modular platform that incorporates a selection of optional features.

  • Sales automation: Features include account management, supplier/partner relationship management, sales pipeline management, and task management. You can also use the platform to manage quotes, orders, and customer contacts.
  • Marketing automation: Manage your marketing campaigns from a central, user-friendly dashboard. Modules include email marketing, lead generation and nurturing, campaign management, and ROI analytics.
  • Customer service: Sage CRM has an excellent selection of customer support modules, including a shareable knowledge base, an automated call centre, case management, and a customer service online portal. Analytics are available to help you optimise your customer service provision.
  • Reporting: Sage CRM lets you generate quick graphical reports of real-time and historical data trends, comparing data against customisable KPIs, and empowering you to make smart business decisions.
  • Robust architecture: Sage CRM is a powerful application with extensive customisation options. Define user roles and access, organise data, generate documents, and create test environments at the touch of a button. Support is included for multiple languages and currencies.
  • Accessibility: Sage CRM is available in a local installation environment, but also has mobile support that allows the platform to be installed on a variety of mobile devices.

Sage CRM is developed for the web and can be run on most web browsers.  This then allows you to access Sage CRM anywhere, anytime on any device that has a web browser.

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